Baccarat Strategy: Increase Your Winnings Today

Created at: 27 January 2021

Among the various casino games, whether for those who play at a land-based casino or live online casino, the Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco), is regarded as one of the easiest and beginner-friendly card games to play at a casino. However, even the simplest of card games such as Blackjack could appear complex without adequate knowledge of the rules and strategies.

Therefore, as a baccarat player, there are certain profitable baccarat strategies you need to know before having profitable wins when you play at the casino. After reading this article, you’ll be well versed with baccarat strategies to play with and which help sustain your bankroll as you bet and help you make more profit as you play at baccarat- basically, you’ll know how to win at Baccarat.


How to Win at Baccarat

In any Casino game, a truly efficient strategy lessens the house edge, this way helping you sustain your bankroll. In Baccarat, majority of the casinos utilize about eight card decks to reduce players’ odds of winning and increase the house edge. To some extent, probability is altered by the number of decks which are in play.  Therefore, for the sake of ease, the article presumes also that the number of decks in play are eight.

As stated in Roulette Strategy, luck and strategy can be likened to the two sides of a coin which help in winning when you play at the casino. This is especially true in Baccarat which relies a bit on luck unlike Blackjack which is more of a game of strategy. However, the difference between relying on luck or strategy in your game of Baccarat or blackjack is that the right strategy already places you a step ahead though it does not guarantee you a win. 


Popular Baccarat Strategies

As a Baccarat game player, your ability to manage money in this card game is very important. Apart from the tie bet, the variation in the payout amounts of a player bet and the Banker bet is quite little, as the amounts paid out are at evens, with the Banker bets taking little as commission. These stakes are based on progression which means a lost bet in Baccarat can easily be covered by a win. However, a scenario could occur where a player has a losing streak and what matters would then be whether the Baccarat player has more bankroll to go on while playing the game. Below, the popular baccarat strategies are explained:


The 1-3-2-4 strategy

This Baccarat strategy is a progressive one. As a player in this card contest, you begin your game with wagering a unit, if that bet results in a loss, you’ll continue to bet just one unit till you win.  After your win, your next wager is three units. If your three-unit bet wins, then you’re to wager two units next, however if the three-unit bet was lost, then you’re to revert to betting one unit.

Where you’re able to have four wins in a row, then the sequence is restarted till you’ve gained a profit of ten units in the card game. The aim of this baccarat strategy is to ensure returns are maximized while losses are reduced in games where the bets are mainly around evens. When you play with this baccarat strategy, it keeps your losses at a minimum level as regards the units you bet; however, a losing streak at Baccarat would end up wiping out any profits you may had acquired.


The Martingale strategy

The Martingale system is also a progressive Baccarat strategy but compared to the Baccarat system discussed above which is a positive one, the Martingale is regarded as a negative progression strategy. When using this Baccarat strategy, you play by doubling your stakes after losing each bet. Though, whereby you make a winning bet, you’re able to recover all lost bets and earn extra profit in the game.

This strategy is truly logical, as one win is enough to cater for all initial losses in the game. However, the disadvantage when you play with this strategy is you can easily run out of money, and since it requires you to double your bet after each loss, you can also easily reach the table maximum of the Baccarat game.


Top Baccarat Strategies

Majority of the Baccarat rules and strategies advise you to take note of the streaks as you bet, but as stated earlier on, strategy and luck come into play whether its Baccarat or another casino game such as Blackjack. Banker or Player bets could have short-term streaks however, both will even out later on. A Casino will show you your earlier winnings, if not you can easily note down your previous winnings. You should know that just because there’s been a streak when you play, this doesn’t mean another streak will happen in subsequent games. Statistically, your chances of a winning streak are 44.62%. while that of the banker is 45.85%. Some of the wagers you can lay in Baccarat include:


Tied Hand Betting

This Baccarat strategy of betting on a tie makes use of very high odds however it comes with low probability. With odds such as 8:1, betting on a tie may appear attractive, especially with a very high house edge of 14.36% though this hardly happens. For betting in baccarat games, the probability for a tie to happen is 9.53%.


Player’s Hand Betting

Based on game statistics on player bets in Baccarat, the house edge is at 1.24% which is obviously better than you betting on a tie as shown above, however, betting on the player’s hand isn’t the best way to play Baccarat. However, winnings with this betting type give you double your wagers. Though certain players prefer it as there’s a possibility of having more wins per hand.


Banker Hand Betting

Based on game statistics of banker hand betting in baccarat, the house edge is at 1.06%. Most experienced Baccarat players seem to prefer this bet compared to the betting on a tie or betting on the player. The casinos are aware that most players prefer to bet their money on the banker, so usually, you’re required to pay a commission of 5% on your successful banker bets. Initially, it may put the player off but talking long-term, your bankroll is sustained when the player places a bet on the banker.

To be successful playing at Baccarat, you should know how to turn the odds of this card game in your favor. How do you do this? You need not count any card; you simply have to know the right decisions which reduce the house edge and make your bets winning bets.

It’s not advisable to rely on a probable winning streak since it’s quite scarce to have more than a winning hand in a row in Baccarat, talk less about five or more winnings. So, ensure your bankroll is sustained through the game. If all is used on your first-hand, in a scenario that you lose, it will be difficult for you to handle the variance, and all your money will get lost playing this card game. Therefore, to consistently win at Baccarat, the best betting strategy is to begin betting on the banker.

However, it’s your choice, you can either bet on the tied-hand betting or between the Banker and player. Though, it’s more advisable for you to wager on the Banker when you play Baccarat at a land-based casino or online casino.


Where to Play Baccarat

For players who are new to this card game, now that you’re aware of the various rules and strategies available for playing Baccarat and you know how to win at Baccarat, you can try out your preferred Baccarat strategy on any of the online casinos we have provided on our online Casino comparison. Simply check it out, select your preferred casino and follow the rules.

Most of the online casinos provided are the best out there and give you bonuses for registering and depositing, which means you can use these best Baccarat strategies on your preferred casino without using your money! Some of the casino websites also allow you to play demo games of your preferred game, this gives you adequate experience before you play with real money.

For experienced players, these best strategies explained also help increase your chances at the game and expand your knowledge on other ways to win at this game. Therefore, simply log on to our page, check out the various online casinos, choose your preferred casino and try the available options discussed above till you have a preferred option.