How to play responsible and have A Healthy Relationship With Online Casino

Created at: 25 July 2021

As a player, you want to be sure that you will be treated in a fair way when you gamble online. 

In order to find out if you are being treated fair by the online casino, you can keep an eye on several factors. It is important that you know about different tricks that are being used by the casinos. On top of that, it is also beneficial to know exactly how slot machines are made. 

Remember that an online casino and the games you might find there are not made by the same company. They are two separate things. That is why there can be a difference in how various games might function. When it comes down to the online casino, you want to pay attention to their terms and conditions. 

When we talk about playing responsible, we look for “Random Number Generator” (RNG) technology

Do you know the inner workings of an online slot machine? Perhaps you are already familiar with how you play on one, but do you know the mechanics and how it decides whether you win or not? A slot machine operates through the so-called “Random Number Generator” (RNG) technology. To put it simply; think of RNG as the brain of the slot machine. 

The technology used within the slot machines generates numbers, which correlate to the symbols on the reels. Within a millisecond, the RNG will choose a value anywhere between 0 and 4 billion.

After the value is chosen, this number will then be converted to corresponding numbers on the game’s reels. The outcome of every spin you take is thus determined by the RNG as soon as you hit the “play” button. In order for the RNG technology to function, it uses an algorithm that gives it instructions as to which numbers to generate. This algorithm is checked regularly, to ensure it is functioning properly and providing a fair gaming experience for the player. 

When you have a healthy relationship with online gambling, it automatically gives you some peace of mind. A good way of making sure you are OK is using online tools as a crutch. You will be able to find a myriad of different online aids and they will make sure you can play comfortably if you use them regularly.

Did you know about specific apps?

The Mindfulness App

If you believe that meditation is the way forward for you, then the Mindfulness App might be right up your alley. This app will take you on a 5-day guided meditation introduction, teaching you the ins and outs of how to practice mindfulness. You will then have the ability to choose from over 200 different guided meditations and courses hosted by some of the most prestigious teachers.

A guided meditation might be the right solution for people who suffer from worrying too much or have trouble sleeping. When using the app, a voice or sound will guide you the whole way through the meditation.

Be aware that it might be hard to focus at first, especially in the beginning. That is why it might be a good idea to start out with short meditation sessions, meant for people who are new to meditating.

 Never ever play when you are under something

Drugs and alcohol are known to impair judgement and when you’re playing casino games for real money, you’ll want to be fully aware of your own actions. Playing casino games under the influence will most likely result in making impulsive decisions, disregarding the bet limits and ignoring the time spent playing.

Once a bet is placed, regardless of the size, it’s impossible to have it reimbursed, regardless of whether it was placed in good faith or not and no amount of complaints to customer support is going to make it any different. 

Gambling is not the way out of your problems

Playing casino games as an escape from reality is never a good idea and should be avoided at all costs. As explained above, casino games should only be played as a means of entertainment and should always be played in moderation. Try something more effective to resist the temptation of playing, like taking a walk or going for a drive to take your mind off things that might be troubling you. 

Regardless of what might be troubling you, playing casino games when vulnerable is never a good idea and will most likely make you feel worse when you’re done. We cannot stress this enough - Always play online casino games as a means of entertainment. 

Playing casino games to lift your spirits with the possibility of making big wins is not the right mindset to start gambling. It will not only affect your psychological state but drain you emotionally too. Gambling online is all about making the right decisions since you’re playing for real money and any negative mood or mindset will most likely spiral things out of control.